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tv   False Confessions  Al Jazeera  March 16, 2019 9:00am-10:01am +03

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this stadium has been turned into a twenty four hour first response medical center at least three and a half thousand people have sort of medical attention for the fumes in the past week. many of the patients complained of suffering from some a shivering and some say. the government initially considered declaring a state of emergency in the area but now that the situation is under control. the cleanup operations of the river have begun with the government appointing contractors to help it had. some. but we have. removing this material and reduced and now we find the sports
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which is really having some. a one and a half kilometers stretch of the river is thought to have been affected the government says toxic substances found in samples taken from the river are linked to chemicals used to recycle tie is three people have been arrested in connection with the toxic dumping florence. state malaysia. schoolchildren students have walked out of class and more than a hundred tundras demanding their governments take action on climate change the movement began last year and is growing quickly as reports. from sydney to hong kong from new delhi to nairobi stockholm to berlin and beyond a united voice calling for action on climate change we're taking to the streets because we haven't had an input into this issue and it's the issue that directly threatens all future is not that as i see my teachers encouraged me to mistrust
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today they're like you need to you need to be here. the un has warned there will be you reversible damage to the climate unless serious measures are taken before twenty thirty. five guys in france students block the entrance to the headquarters of one of the country's biggest banks to protest against alleged investment in fossil fuels elsewhere in paris thousands more protested peacefully this boy said we think it's shameful that we're polluting and polluting and polluting this global movement involving students walking out of class in more than one hundred countries was inspired by this girl a sixteen year old swedish girl. who staged a solo protest outside the country's parliament last year. we are standing in front of an existential crisis the biggest crisis humanity has ever faced and still people who knew a basis have ignored it for decades and here in the united states protests happened in cities across the country the crowd sizes were smaller but the noise was like
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that just as urgent the u.s. is the world's second biggest to admit coming in like china we're basically creating all of these issues just by arc country alone and so that we need to be a leader in stopping this a proposal to end fossil fuel emissions in the u.s. by twenty thirty is pending in congress political leaders say it's too radical and unlikely to pass but the student protesters say that only gives them more reason to carry on heidi joe castro al-jazeera washington. sky's the limit for a ten year old skateboarder looking to become one of the. stories coming up in a moment with sports.
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the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it. will bring you the news in. the. time for the sports this with peter thank you very much a meeting of football's world governing body has stopped short of approving a plan for cutter to share the twenty twenty two world cup with its neighbors for president gianni and frontin has been pressing for the tournament to be expanded but faces a wait to see if its plan will be realized any gallacher reports from miami. he's
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international football's most powerful figure on his feet a president giani in fun tino spoke at a press conference in miami attention turn to the proposed expansion of the twenty twenty two world cup. in front tino wants to up the number of teams from thirty two to forty eight bringing forward a plan already in place for the twenty twenty six finals the suggestion is that some of qatar's neighbors potentially q eight in amman hosts the extra games when we are looking into the matter and seeing whether it's possible it is feasible be to anticipate this or any twenty two if it is feasible if it is possible great if it is not feasible if it is not possible great. it's all when it's bid to host the world cup just over eight years ago since then stadiums have been built all renovated thief is proposal could mean qatar giving up exclusivity in twenty twenty two the decision is controversial. he waited on don't yet have the facilities and
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early reports that saudi arabia bahrain and the u.a.e. might host the games is complicated all three nations of diplomatic relations and continue a blockade against the thief says kotori officials are open to the move i was very pleased by the reaction of the qatar is the first time this idea was shared with them because they were opened in the reaction was well if you think we at the firm . football associations around the world that this is positive for football of course we will have been looking to that. if expansion plans go ahead some fans believe it will dilute the world cup others that it will make it more exciting because sa the prospect of not being the exclusive host could be seen as a blow but any decision will involve the twenty twenty two host nation faeces eighty one page feasibility report is controversial but the organization says an expansion would generate between three to four hundred million dollars football's
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organizing body says any changes will be made in conjunction with qatar the final decision will be made in june when fifa meets in paris and gallacher al-jazeera miami florida. in a statement because the twenty twenty two supreme committee for delivery and legacy say they've been talking to fee for about expanding to forty eight teams since last year's world cup in russia part of the statement reads we will work with fever to determine whether or not a viable operating model does exist and importantly whether it is in the best interests for football and for the tournament and for cutter as the host nation until we reach that conclusion we will continue to work toward hosting a thirty two team world cup in twenty twenty two hosted in the state of qatar where the fever council did approve inventing as plan for a twenty four thousand club world cup from twenty twenty one onward which some european teams have said they will boycott it came just as the draw for the european champions league quarter finals was made on friday i.x.
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and you ventus will meet in a repeat of the ninety ninety six final another repeat of a final takes place when barcelona and manchester united do battle they faced each other in two thousand and nine and again in twenty eleven play porto and tottenham take on manchester city in an all english affair liverpool reached last year's final but have yet to win any trophy under their manager you're going to club he says he won't be leaving criticism of his record get to him. my job is to do everything i can. do to help the team that we can be as successful as possible and not i'm not searching for being remembered in fifty years or whatever that people scream at me if i'm sure. if i'm not interested in those which actually got judge me one day and that's really only the only thing i'm interested in other people say about me i could be less interesting bangladesh's cricket's he narrowly escaped the christ church mosque in new zealand the team had just arrived at the
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mosque for friday prayers when they heard gunshots the team stayed on the bus and later made their way through a part of the headley oval cricket ground the third test against new zealand which had been cheered all to start there on saturday has now been cancelled when i mean we reckon we're not here i'm thankful we're very lucky because we were not inside that place we saw it from outside like watching a video like in the movies we saw many people coming out bloodied we were in the bus for about eight to ten minutes we had our heads down in the bus just in case there was firing when. the president of the bangladesh cricket board has criticised the security surrounding the country's team. so it is not only said bangladesh or india or pakistan is at the height is any if this can happen anywhere in the world this what we have been saying incidences prove that and that is why we feel that
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the security there and is like bangladesh give to other teams when they come to play in bangladesh we should also get the similar type of security arrangement or support from the host country on the other side of the tasman sea the mercedes team have started the opening grand prix weekend by posting the fastest times in friday practice it was a tough day for many competitors who struggled to get to grips with the albert park track in melbourne including for henri sure the clerk belted he bought us also had a spin but he ended up hosting the second fastest time just behind teammate and five time world champion lewis hamilton. rugby's six nations championship will be decided on saturday with three teams still capable of winning the title in the final round of matches in cardiff wales will host ireland the welsh have won all their actions so far and on a hot streak of thirteen straight wins but
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a win for ireland could see them win the title that is and then go on to beat scotland. skateboarding will make its debut at the twenty twenty olympics in tokyo and the competition could feature one of the youngest athletes ever to compete at a games ten year old skye brown has made a shortlist of five skateboarders to receive special funding in britain as she tries to qualify for the olympics should be twelve years and twelve days when the olympics begin in july two thousand and twenty eclipsing the record set by a thirteen year old swimmer you competed in the mountain twenty eight games in amsterdam brown has to be ranked in the top twenty in the world to qualify but he has plenty of confidence to get there. we get a gold medal thing even if i don't and just glad i got to be in the. angus and i got to the youngest because i want to show cows like. i can do any
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more small coming up again later that's it for now well what was once a rail yard is now home to new york's hottest new real estate project massive public subsidies help to bring about the twenty five billion dollars developments which has been unveiled on manhattan's west side but as chris is salome reports some locals are wondering what's in it for them. well i'm. good. with the burst of confetti and lots of fanfare new yorkers were introduced to the city's newest and most expensive to develop neighborhood hudson yards is anchored by four high rise office and residential buildings home to an upscale shopping mall fancy restaurants and a state of the art cultural center known as the shed all surrounding public space and this honeycomb like structure of some twenty five hundred interconnecting stairs known for now simply as the vessel of this this is public space and but it's
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not so passion this is space that history for anyone to come to and that's the whole point of the construction began in december two thousand and twelve on top of still active train yards the brainchild of a former mayor hudson yards received an estimated five point six billion dollars from the city in the form of a brand new subway station and various tax abatements hudson yards was designed to bring some glamour to what had been a dilapidated neighborhood the basle to be a bacon for tourists and city residents alike but the political landscape here has changed prompting critics to question whether or not more high end retail and office space is really what taxpayers need. public uproar over a smaller tax break recently led the retail giant amazon to cancel plans to build a massive headquarters in the city. it's very hard to know when or if ever the new york city will break even on this deal because you're talking about layering so many different kinds of subsidies on
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a single project i want to thank everyone for being here i see many of my colleagues in government neither the mayor nor the governor of new york both known for their national political ambitions showed up for the event politicians who did touted the developments economic benefits his project would be a boon to new york for three main reasons jobs jobs and more jobs the ray of sunlight they hope will penetrate any lingering clouds of uncertainty kristen salumi al jazeera new york. thanks for watching the news hour on al-jazeera do stay with us we'll take a short break and we'll be back with lots more news coming your way see you in a minute.
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trying to do in your. eyes are very specialist chinese to do have the instruments now. challenging a diverse mindset the children of south africa the distances to. come to seems to take some of that could see. through a complex history of dramatic social and political change except on up south africa amounts to zero. a three year investigation into the pro-gun lobby. and right through the. well they should. reveal secrets and connections some don't want exposed. others are going to work. if
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there are. al-jazeera investigations how to sell a massacre coming soon on the rifles or somebody's gun sometimes even though. they were searching for sanctuary in australia but instead would have timed for years on a pacific island now one o one aced follows the journey of two refugees as they forge a new life in north america on al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to al-jazeera.
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new zealand's prime minister demands action on gun control as a man appears in court over the mosque that left forty nine people. he came here with. and to kill there are also questions about why the suspects movements before the attacks didn't set off alarms. you're watching al-jazeera lie from a headquarters and. also a heads still not satisfied algerians keep up their demands for a change even though they're ailing president says he won't try to stay in power. and football's chief admits hopes of making the next world cup in qatar even bigger may not happen.
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those stories coming up but we now take you over to christ church in new zealand where a press conference is being held at the hospital let's listen and. people whose lives have been changed forever. and we as a health system will be here and continue to support everyone and their community. also a reminder that if you do want to talk to someone free counseling is available by calling or texting one seven three seven and trying counsellors our available when you need them. so with that i'm going to hand over to craig roberts son a chief of surgery. and break as they say new clinical late devising and leading the kind of corresponds to these surveys very tragic events so great. and what's great is fun as well. will be very happy to take any questions that you
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might have. for. thank you. firstly can i reiterate david's comments both myself and my colleagues would firstly like to pass on a heartfelt thoughts to the victims and their families. has died as indicated and as a consequence of the earthquakes of two thousand and thirteen and two thousand in the lead him we are unfortunately used to mass casualty incidents and as stuff in any of processes our experience in dealing with such events. kasich hospital continues to provide care for fifty nine patients injured in the attacks in christ two cheese today of the forty eight patients admitted to cross hospital from the
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incident seven have been discharged. the others include a four year old girl who has been transferred to the starship hospital and opened in a critical condition. four patients died on their way into the hospital yesterday dime before they arrived the injured arranged in ages from the very young to quite elderly patients. the majority of patients that were admitted and in the age range of thirty to forty some of them are in stable condition but others on the old. twelve operating theatres would through the night and many of those injured will require multiple returns to fiesta before the care will be completed. of the fifty six patients that remain in the hospital eleven of them are in the intensive care unit. including one female agent who mid twenty's
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all of those in i.c.u. what we would consider critically ill. the fifty six in hospital also include two children that remain within our care both of boys one is aged two and the other is aged fitting by thought on a stable condition. as you would expect the wounds from gun show up so often quite. significant we have had patients with injuries to most parts of the body. that range from relatively superficial soft tissue injuries to more complex injuries involving the chased the abdomen pelvis the long bones and the head. and many of the people will require a motor who trips to theatre to deal with the complex series of injuries that they
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have as you'll appreciate there is usually not just one system involved and we are using all of our surgical services in the different specialty. deliver care for the patients as they need it and. thank you. and it's. pretty good robert some b e t s in here in here charity. chief of surgery. that is. fitting honors number sorry we have a marine killed right in the you know it's a fixed number. once and you know and it's not something that. it is here and. you know how difficult was this. without a doubt it's unusual for students in this part of the world to deal with gunshot
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wounds. but it is a way that we manage these patients on the prices we change really have had experience well so over seas and dealing with trauma. we do was so obviously good experience in our own environment for a limited number of these events but clearly we don't face. the extreme overload led to this incident put on incentives at the time that it is here said is a skill mix that we would expect to. sail with peter plastic surgeons here all are just neurosurgeons to accommodate and deal with extremely difficult let me correct yes so we need to do and deal with patients so the worst of the patients with the most significant injuries were dealt with overnight we are still working through the next level of care through today and it's obviously been interfered
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with by managing other issues is that a coup. because. you know that's why. you saw i was in the hospital yesterday i was in the l. patient building the you know meeting with million. was an air hostess on the top floor when i used to fish that i was aware of it was that there was a mule and says and a saw it runs and then gun chalked off gunshots but there were. policemen. injuring the hospital. and. i would look pretty well every member of stuff was being involved and it to me frankly service that they provide is has been absolutely fantastic. i'm. exceptionally proud of the way that our staff of detail with this situation.
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from everyone in the hospital you know the administrators through to the stuff we were involved with the kid directly of the patients. at every level people have done things in the same part of whom are you saying the whole nine patients that you have had now out of danger or are you saying that the eleven in i.c.u. critical condition that you know that maybe the death toll will rise. but we can't predict what's going to happen with those patients but clearly the high risk patients of those who are in the intensive cage unit at the moment. clearly we would be worried if we are worried about a number of the patients by calling them critically ill. they even took on the gas. station. do you know student to
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university students. the. students were. to not to expose to the. i guess i could describe discounted the kind. the doctor is in more senior doctors to be blunt you know we've seen things that have been pretty terrible in the earthquakes and from my perspective this is just another of those type of events unfortunately we have to experience of this i wouldn't want to get more. so is going to hate all right so we were listening to a press conference being given by health officials particularly the chief of surgery greg robertson at christ church hospital where a lot of the victims most of the victims that is from survived the mosque attacks were taken to that hospital greg robertson was saying that out of the
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third there are thirty nine people currently still being treated in the hospital out of those thirty nine eleven are critically ill and in the intensive care unit so some of the injured are still very much in critical condition let's bring in our correspondent andrew thomas who's across all the latest developments and you were listening in andrew while the chief of surgery was giving an update on some of the victims that survived that attack. that's right and as you say he said that thirty nine people remain in his hospital here in christchurch forty eight swerd mid-city in total over the course of friday some of those on one of those died after riding hospital the four year old girl has been transferred to intensive care in or clint so she's there he didn't specifically say what happened the others but i think they have been discharged but
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as you say thirty nine people remain in hospital here at his hospital here in christchurch eleven of those are in intensive care he talks about the sorts of people that are in his hospital men women children but he said the majority were men between the ages of thirty and forty so obviously all the stuff there at the hospital working flat out on those who were injured in these horrific attacks a little earlier perhaps an hour and a half ago now the man accused of carrying out these attacks appeared in court here in christ church he was formally charged with one murder a single mother a formality really just to get him into the system many more charges will surely follow but that meant that he could appear in court he didn't enter a plea he didn't say anything at soldier in his court appearance but my colleague who was in court said that he looked intensely at the media during his appearance and he appeared to be smirking throughout so that is the situation as it is right now the man's appeared in court the injured are still being treated to center a new zealand prime minister has just arrived in christchurch she was in wellington
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overnight friday and saturday she's back in christchurch now she's expected to give a press conference fairly shortly she's also expected to visit the hospital that we just heard from a few moments ago and we're also expecting an update from police at some point within the next twenty minutes or so all right we'll keep an eye out on all of these updates andrew but in the meantime talk to us about the victims' families how they're coping and what they've been saying. well we've been speaking to some people who were hired family members inside the mosques who were injured people who indeed were in the mosque when the gunman came in we've heard about this horrific situation amount i was speaking to a moment ago he doesn't know how he survived he was as close as anybody to the gunman people around him was shot date he somehow was overlooked and he said that the man just came in expressionless face just started firing at everybody he could see my colleague has been speaking to family members as well what's happening at the moment i'm standing quite near a park and on one corner of the park is the out nor mosque which was the one where
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most victims were killed is about four hundred meters down this road over the other side of the park has become a kind of gathering place for family members and they've all got photographs of their loved ones their family members and place days in office as are coming across looking at those photographs and trying to identify to be honest the bodies that are still inside the mosque we've seen a few vehicles a funeral directors passing through this court and behind me going down to the mosque to pick up some of those bodies but there is going to be a process of identification and then i would imagine fairly swift funerals will follow in coming days if not in coming hours the mood here is just extremely somebody you can probably see the pile of flowers behind me that's been growing all morning on saturday every five minutes or so somebody else comes along and quietly lays a bunch of flowers down what is becoming the tributes for the horrific events you see that sign there as well that's really the sentiment this is not new zealand everyone i've spoken to. says that this is just i mean of course it's unprecedented
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of course it's a respite you'd expect that wherever you go but people here feel so wrong about it not just the horror of the number of people killed but the fact that this was so militias they targeted on the newest arrivals to new zealand migrants muslims and all those around me those people both of migrant background themselves but also if you like people who have been born and brought up in using the same sentiments again and again this will change new zealand but it will only make it stronger this is a multicultural society they want to continue that way and while this will scar this country it will not change it fundamentally. we are serious note we are here to help people this is a new zealand man you know hong kong strong you know. he's he's no dummy he wears it off and you know what could have been here but because it's so common and relates. i think this is why people want to show how we can be like you we're not
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like this. so that's the son of one of the victims amazingly composed just hours after his father died and again you're hearing those sorts of sentiments again and again not anger not malice not retribution people just want this city this country to recover and in their grief they're saying things like his saying that they want to grow stronger from this not be destroyed by it all right andrew we'll cross over to you a little later on for the time being thank you alexander gillespie is a professor at the university of cattle in new zealand he says tougher gun laws are now inevitable. new zealand has is considered a very safe country in terms of the global peace index we're number two at level three it was considered to be low homicide rate by firearms about teen two year what's happened was completely unexpected but this is going to be a catalyst for change because often for countries to change the firearms laws you need to make mature to be like this and this may be that event new zealand has
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a very high pick capita gun ownership rate compared to other countries but it's quite liberal in other regards for example but licensing regime is quite relaxed we know with some of the firearms but about ninety five percent of the firearms are untraceable and this instant it's a particular problem because the man seems to have got the firearms lawfully he was licensed we don't know what category of license he had but the firearms he diseased and this atrocity was that used to have the highest firepower possible to have a crisis of this magnitude requires two things one it requires firepower which the murderer has access to and two it requires a hatred and an ideology to do it the problem for a country like new zealand is that we've been very concerned about jihadi top to tourism the terrorism from gangs and possibly even marya extremists quite simply our security services were looking into all of the wrong rocks and when the tierra did strike it was where we did not expect it but we should have been looking into.
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and will now take you to a police press conference being held right now in christ church that's the sort of civil thirteen eight. per hour days in this matter obviously. public safety not just here in canterbury but nationally. we have deployed. abroad across the country to do that. and our other top priority. includes making sure. that these victims these poor people so horribly affected get every piece of support. that they need to get the truth this. time. the investigation in the intelligence phase again is a very very important priority to understand exactly what. held
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and and to answer the many questions that the public and yourself will have. another one of our job priorities is to be sure all of the paper all of our staff all of the responders and volved and this kid every piece of support possible. i want to acknowledge all of them i want to acknowledge all of the leaders in the room from all of the agencies i want to acknowledge my colleague the district commander john price. who was in charge of the forward command for this operation and has led this local response i also have local leaders from the emergency services from st john's ambulance from fire and emergency services civil defense de
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fence fictive support council all of those other agencies that are working slow so closely together and i will ask them to make a brief statement a church to you if they so desire and tombs of hell we. continue to focus on this matter you would have heard this morning that one offender twenty eight year old mile has been charged at this stage with one count of murder. he has been remanded to the high court and for the fifth the viper and what charges he faces then will be determined by this investigation you have heard today how many victims are involved and again we are giving every support possible to them
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i also i want to thank all the religious leaders the a mom's who have traveled here to give their support to the papal that have been so seriously affected by this incident now i want to tune in and offer all of my colleagues here the opportunity to say something and at the conclusion of that i or others will answer any of the questions that you may have if i can't thank you joe but so i just want to reiterate the commissioners comments that. this approach was a multi-agency approach the first responders that responded to the tragedy that an outstanding job i want to reassure the community that we have heroes every single day we come to whoop to keep them saif i am committed to the reassurance of the kinneret community to bring peace to our streets thank you.
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we'll get afternoon in a bradley should be executive assistant john ambulance i can be proud of the work that my coal takers fish patches and those crews did yesterday in what was a horrific situation and their ability to treat adj traits and transports so many patients so quickly and effectively saved lives and we just well i want to put on record my pride and thanks to the fantastic job working alongside the police that the ambulance service did yesterday thank you rick. the own swags the city council are here on behalf of the mirror of christ richly endowed now i just really want to reiterate that from the city's point of view we are working with all the agencies we are working very well with all the agencies the communication line is very clear the focus of the city at the moment is especially around the victim support working with those families who are. grieving from the events that have happened this tragic event that's happened in our city so really the message at the
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moment is that we are working with those can see. those families and those victims to make sure that they have the right support there is a place where people can go and life flowers if they wish which is outside on the list and they have outside the botanic gardens and any anybody who wishes to go they can go and light flour and and not memories for those the people that we've lost but that's basically the message that we have from the city at this time. paul anderson fire region mana jeff fire emergency new zealand just reiterated the thoughts that have been given our always been primarily to assist police and of course we've been involved with some of the calls that have been taken the working together of the agencies has been exceptionally good particularly from this particular building where we all work together and i just reiterate my comments to all of the stuff i've been involved it's been quite magnificent thank you.
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governor ryan chandra so let's not start from you not accept place he called as a defense role he is to support the new zealand police in whatever capacity we can offer kerry that's a large number of logistical arrows that we we can do but a man rose to support in place and what about that require from us if. good afternoon man i was never royally canterbury civil defense emergency management we have provided volunteers out of the community who have worked with sen john particularly in the mass casualty support role at the hospital in particular we've also set up a center at hagley along with police to support the families of the victims and i might say that the facility that we're using as we now will to bring all the agencies together to help were really effectively.
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good afternoon my name is deeper strikes and i'm from victim support he and. since the news of this incident face started filtering straightaways an organization had been working hard in the background to put greg best support panes in place for the victims of this awful event and three of hades offices of time and money. twenty four seats in support from air support week is from all over the country and from our volunteers from all over the country say starting tomorrow will probably be when radio start implementing nice planes and support prices will last as long as it needs take thank you. before i turn to your questions want to conclude if i gain acknowledging the absolute
9:43 am
bribery not just of police staff and you would have seen the online videos but also i members of the public they put themselves in harm's way and our staff come to work every day to keep people saif and that does main putting themselves between danger and they did and the information i have from john in the investigation tame is their intention. my very likely have saved fear their lives so i want to acknowledge them at this point and i will be acknowledged through them thank you know the person in custody hearing much as the police. can you any description on that moment where the person with it was that what happened or what. they're doing it with. that person was not willing to be arrested again i think you've probably seen some of their live video there was live audio
9:44 am
coming back to my command syndrome wellington all that eppridge and i can tell you as i was listening to that the person was non-compliant we also i believe that not only were there days in that vehicle so it was a very dangerous men over there were also firearms and there so our staff who were well equipped. to engage with that person and again put themselves in real danger to keep the community safe from food just a question of the. chemical. idea of us. all. and we reassure them that it was in the. i have no intelligence about current imminent threats but i would never assume anything in that situation that's why it's so important that we resource the intelligence and investigations
9:45 am
phase of the us to make sure that we understand everything and understand it is agent look. we have a number of leads but to get to a very point which is an important one to assure the public we're not. searching for anyone that we think is an immediate threat but that doesn't mean they don't exist so we will be highly vigilant highly present highly visible to ensure that if there is anyone out there wanting to commit that we can and of ng and i reach out to the public again to say if you see something say something get in touch with us. look where. tens of people have been charged we have as you know we have printed four people on the day one was released quite early member of the public who just wanted to get
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their kids high but decided to take a firearm there was another couple arrested had a cold. and we're currently working through whether or not that person or those persons had any involvement in the sense of and so when we know we'll be able to give you but i don't want to say anything until we are sure. we're. here we're absolutely working through the details so why give us a guaranteed. accurate add to that because we're still working through the details of the price is says we will check for criminal history we will check with referees and we most likely would do a home visit you know once again some criticism about how quickly it's. going to give out he tells me he's. yes from they commencement and john will be able to help
9:47 am
me out on this i responded immediately so to the initial st john how many minutes i think this incident was cold at thirteen forty two thirty six minutes from the time we received the call so we had the offender in custody still says. that is an incredibly fast response phone you get a mobile up finger across a large metropolitan city and i'm i am very happy with the response of our stuff but we were also on saying at the mosques way earlier than that that was the time from the initial incident until we had the offender in custody. how. he was held very close to here i understand john but as quickly it was held in the custody in place custody and we transported into the courts across the for his hearing.
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i was very happy to hear the prime minister's comments this morning that there will be a change in the gun law but i can't see any more than that of course. it can agree on a license. strictly now but that's all part of the investigation and we'll be able to report more fully on that at the conclusion of the investigation but you are right. there is a process so in terms of how those firearms are purchased but they might be old and . not as they are you know you do it. so you can't agree on a firearm holic can purchase the firearms without. the magazines or the things that will enable them to be and the state that they would.
9:49 am
but these are things that will be considered very very shortly and i can only go back to the prime minister's statement this morning that the law will change. or. if so how have any minutes of between twenty one. yes it was lists then there was a minute john between relief from the trauma lift the. the smallest to the limit more supposed to the minutes. we had that there would be improper for us to go into the detail now that a person has been charged but i will say because i want to be is informative as possible that we know nothing that would contradict what you've just suggested.
9:50 am
we've always had a very close relationship with a stray and lauren false mount and also the stress intelligence agencies when the secured we stood up what we call a joint intelligence group involving a lot of air i didn't say he's a strategy and have stood up one of their intelligence commands had to work closely with us we are working through i host of issues with him i've been in communication with both the extra and federal police commissioner and the new south wales police commissioner last night and the smalling. people are working very closely as is the intelligence agency. at this stage and i have to be very careful about that this person was not known to any of us hadn't been reported to any of us. and has no previous convictions that we can understand was not
9:51 am
a person of interest to other jurisdictions. if subsequently so terms of the person that has been arrested he has a residence in donating then we're currently searching that pursuant to the search and see violence legislation we had to maggot site through just you know. right. yes we do but for the purposes of accuracy i'm just getting that data confirmed for me and we'd like to get it out to you sometime today. yes you know there is at least one child possibly much of anything with you and me on that and i'm off. you know.
9:52 am
we haven't found any grounds we had to. ensure that one of the locations there were no i.e. days there wouldn't danger anyone that was down but unless someone wants to contradict me they were not grenades found though there were no grenades so it was a suspicious parcel at one of the most we cleared that the wind up to be annoyed. the vehicle that the finger was and there was a divorce salute that caused those concerns and we use the you zealand defense forces to ring to that so if there was enough. there was. a line or. if place. but we're just working through what we can release in terms of those matters and we will be able to provide you with more detail but i can't at this immediate point yes. commentary on. that side this is
9:53 am
a very wide reaching investigation we asked speaking to a considerable number of people social media and other relatives of forms for part of our investigation that's all i'd like to say thank you very much for your teaching is your name being as well as. thank you all thank you very much. thank you. new zealand's the police commissioner mike giving a press conference in christ church an emergency services update and what he said is that he's praised the work for everyone from local authorities to the ambulance and in particular in mom's for their help in dealing with the aftermath of that attack that we saw on the mosque in christ church he also did say that it took thirty six minutes from the time the emergency call was made for the police
9:54 am
and the responders to show up at the mosque and apprehend the suspect and he said the investigation a priority is right now are what actually unfolded how it unfolded and the priority is for the public to be safe and he also added that he has no intel about a current imminent threats but he would never assume anything in this situation he said that they're not searching for anyone posing a threat but that doesn't mean that they don't exists and we're learning more about the suspect the twenty eight year old suspect brunton terrance because he made an appearance in christ church at a court there let's just listen to what the judge had to say. harris karen. terence.
9:55 am
appearance in the crusher's high court on five april. fifteenth. i've noted you're not making an application to the admission. sunday thank you not making any application for suppression of publication if you would die of any particular thing could lead to reggie to for cation i do have. until the. a show of the next appearance suppressing publication of the name of the name victim or even a message that could lead to that person's idea for cation their true mordor is made on the grounds that otherwise they could be and you how much. fame. on their faces for mr terence you are remanded in custody come to five trial and i'm. pretty sure that i will place a stand just. so that is what happened
9:56 am
a short while ago in the courtroom let's bring in our correspondent in christchurch andrew thomas who's across all the latest developments and andrew mike bush the police commissioner speaking just a few moments ago was asked about the suspect and what he said was that this person was not known to intelligence services but now there are lingering questions as to why he was that no two intelligence services and how he could carry out such a horrific attack. that's right so i mean he may not have had any prior convictions as the place chief say there but he certainly made his presence felt online easy to say in retrospect as people go back and look at his social media post which is in new zealand prime minister talked about that in her press conference earlier on saturday and she said one of the big questions is whether he should have been on watch list millet maybe the place and teligent sages here should have known more about him just because he hadn't committed crimes in
9:57 am
the volatile east but ones that he'd been caught for no one had explicitly flagged him should be intelligence agencies to be more proactive in finding him and he said that is an important question that will need to be answered the police chief in his press conference talked about all the legitimate questions that journalists and the wider public have about not just how he mounted this attack but why the government mounted this attack and exactly what happens he defended the places response he said it was. thirty six minutes from the first emergency call to the gunman being arrested and him place custody realty a. full invasion witness stalk him entry on al-jazeera. but it's fair to say the weather disappoints at the moment throughout levant and good part of the middle east the cloud well once it's dispersed is followed by the
9:58 am
next developing storm which is in the eastern part mention the word tentative to be windy if the amount of cloud rail disappoint stretching all the way down the coast towards north egypt so disappointing day in beirut as an example aleppo to high ground you've got snow in the forecast there's a gap to the east of that the last systems gone through that's the remains it's your afghanistan and you got to find sunny days right or wrong to run a sixteen degrees but of course everything newsies was and sometimes south and that's the picture come sunday all the way to and towards well the gulf states to be honest leaving behind a better picture admittedly the sun is out in beirut and aleppo's has warmed up and should feel pleasant may not be the last system there now in the media future saturday sees an increasingly strong southeasterly breeze coming across. to us die hard fans if anything will probably warm things up so forecast and turn on sunday twenty nine degrees but that will be accompanied by likely thunderstorms which will spread across and be i think rather bigger on the iranian side of the gulf
9:59 am
temperatures lower in riyadh hundred twenty five and even mecca struggles to get to thirty. up to. the carter center. to stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world.
10:00 am
al jazeera i mean that in every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the welts janin ace that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the and i'll ation of israel that is not what that phrase means at all he joined the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media and focused on how they were told on the stories that matter the most in bad news a free palestine a listening post on al-jazeera. handcuffed and shackled brenton tyron the suspects in the new zealand mosque shootings at pierce and cole and.
10:01 am
helen welcome devika paul and you're watching are just there live from doha we'll have full coverage of events in new zealand then we'll tell you about the tributes for the victims as they continue to pour in with people placing flowers flowers and cards and words of comfort. new zealand's prime minister just into our journey meets with members of the muslim.


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